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Quality Control with the team at Aldi Australia

Quality Control, or QC, is a key part of our post roasting process at Black Bag Roasters. Our QC specialists cup each and every batch that is roasted at our new facility at Truganina in Victoria. The end goal is to ensure that we maintain the highest quality and consistency of every roast so that our clients and their customers enjoy the same excellent product, every time.

We were thrilled to be extended an invite from Aldi Australia last month, to walk their own QC team through our own internal quality assurance process. Our Head of Procurement, Chief of Operations and National Business Manager conducted a comparative cupping session, designed to educate what role this exercise plays in Black Bag Roaster’s QC process.

Furthermore, Aldi was curious to learn more about how the Lazzio range performs in a blind tasting against other supermarket brands. Short answer was that the results were overwhelmingly positive: not only did the Aldi Lazzio range fare better in regards to overall flavour and balance, but it was clear that Aldi coffee was delivered and sold fresh in store more often than its competitors.

If you have ambitions to align your coffee product with a Roaster who consistently delivers on flavour and freshness, or if you would like to learn more about our QC process get in touch. Our Sales team can be contacted via our enquiry form.