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Spotlight on Community

This section of the Impact Assessment focuses on people and communities outside of the business. The key aim is to deliver a positive impact, whether it be via our supply chain, charitable giving and diversity practices.  

While we have always focused on these topics, as shows from this section making up over 30% of our total score, we needed a formal structure. Some of the key takeouts from an early pass of the assessment led to the launch of a policy allowing our team access to paid time off to volunteer for an approved cause, which led to some great fundraising activities like our biggest morning tea. We even joined in on a leg of a Melbourne to Adelaide relay to raise funds to help young people combat mental health issues driven by today's social media world.  

Our supply chain, specifically along the coffee value chain, is undoubtedly one of the most important partnerships to us, and the premiums alone don't tell the whole story; what was pleasing to see as a result of our activities with B Corp is to begin to quantify what happens to these premiums, and seeing the direct link between the price we pay, and the fact that workers are not only paid above minimum wage but  are paid above living wage benchmarks.