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Spotlight on Environment

As a coffee business, we have always been hyper aware of how environmental factors impact the coffee supply chain and we’ve always paid great attention to the things we can do to minimise our footprint.  

It has been well-publicised that the impacts of climate change on the coffee supply chain will not only be devastating, but we have already seen rising temperatures and extreme weather events wreak havoc on coffee farms across the globe. 

Protecting the future of coffee from an environmental perspective is cornerstone of our entire sustainability journey and will continue to be a huge focus for us moving forward. This focus led to the implementation of many initiatives across our business to reduce impact and most notably to our business becoming a Climate Active Certified Carbon Neutral Organisation in January of 2022. 

Other things we’re working on:  

We’re already tracking our emissions and the downward trend; we monitor our energy use and track our waste monthly to ensure we maintain a high level of resource recovery. However, there is still much more to do in this space, and we are up against some massive challenges, such as natural gas use, being our largest individual emission source, and no clear pathway away from its use at this current time. With our reduction activities in place and new technology being developed all the time, we remain optimistic that we will be able to reach our emissions reduction targets.